Reactions to We Have Never Been Modern Movie

Jul 5 2023 Have a look at how the Czech, Slovak and foreign media reacted to the movie directed by Matěj Chlupáček, presented as a part of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Crystal Globe competition.
  • Reactions to We Have Never Been Modern Movie

„A modern-looking Czech film, kudos!“ (

„Absolute bomb! You have to see it... It's thrilling and extremely human.“ (Britské listy)

„It's a visual delight that's hard to look away from.“ (

„Unusual, disconcerting and suspenseful at the same time. Chlupáček has achieved the impression of a narratively ambitious project... We Have Never Been Modern takes on a cosmopolitan touch that goes beyond the familiar formal practices associated with Slovak cinema.“ (SME)

„Handsome Czech period drama. Gripping (and) gleamingly produced.“ (Variety)

„(The film) works mainly thanks to the script by the Slovak Miro Šifra, the acting performances of Eliska Křenková and Miloslav König and the original visuality...“ (Seznam Zprávy)

„The handsome cinematography revels in its old-fashioned sheen... (It) will likely be the Czech Republic’s entry into the Oscars’ Best International Feature Film category.“ (The Wrap)

„Elegantly animated sequences... Music by post-classical composer Simon Goff brings the big sound of innovation... Chic font (that) counts down the days, dividing the action into chapters, in one of many design flourishes that plays with a picture-perfect modern veneer where everything has its place...“ (The Film Verdict)