Apricot Island

  • Apricot Island
  • Apricot Island
  • Apricot Island

How many men can woman truly love?
A captivating story of a woman tested by life, full of passion, cruelty and unbridled love. The story takes place in southern Slovakia in a remote hidden in apricot orchards thrusts you into the whirlwind passions of three men to one woman and her fateful love for them, with all the sorrows and joys that only life can bring. The sun, the smell of ripening apricots and search your own happiness get you in the story of a strong woman who loves and desires to be loved ... as we all do.

  • Director
    Peter Bebjak
  • Screenplay
    Peter Lipovský
  • Director of Photography
    Martin Žiaran
  • Staring
    Szidi Tobias
    Attila Mokos
    Peter Nádasdi
    György Cserhalmi
  • Year