The Rift

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The Rift is a mystery-thriller miniseries about one of Slovakia's greatest mysteries – the inexplicable disappearances of people in the Tribec mountain range.
Igor, an unemployed university graduate, discovers the psychiatric assessment reports of Walter Fischer. One day seventy years ago, Fischer disappeared under mysterious circumstances while walking in the Tribec mountains. Two months later, he reappeared under equally mysterious circumstances and had strange wounds and burns all over his body. He was disoriented, could not explain what had happened to him and never recovered.
Igor continues his investigation and, to his astonishment, he learns that Fischer's case was not at all isolated – mentions of mysterious disappearances in the mountains date far back into history. Igor, his girlfriend Mia, the conspiracy theorist Andrej and the inveterate sceptic David begin to dig deeper into the mystery and unearth a truth more terrifying than any fantasy. They embark on an expedition to the forests of Tribec, where they witness something that defies human understanding. Their initially innocent quest ends in tragedy. This mystery, as the group find out, has incredibly sharp teeth.

  • Director
    Peter Bebjak
  • Screenplay
    Tomáš Bombík
  • Director of Photography
    Martin Rau
  • Staring
    Matej Marušin
    Mária Havranová
    Dávid Hartl
    Tomáš Maštalír
    Juraj Loj
    Tomáš Mischura
    Martin Šalacha
    Emanuel Hason
    Ondrej Hraška
    Jaroslav Mottl
    Ela Lehotská
  • Year
    In production
  • Client
    TV JOJ