Behind the Glass II

  • Behind the Glass II
  • Behind the Glass II
  • Behind the Glass II
  • Behind the Glass II
  • Behind the Glass II
  • Behind the Glass II

The second season of this sophisticated crime series is inspired by true events and offers another peek below the surface of everyday reality. The story of elite cops who have found themselves at opposite sides of the fence evolves over eight more episodes. Tibor Maxovský investigates the background of organised crime, this time in the form of international arms trafficking. He has the backing of his inexperienced but incredibly determined new colleague, Hana. After some initial tensions, the two start to get along, but their work soon brings them to a collision point. Hana and the rest of the force consider Max's former partner, Norbert, the prime suspect in the ongoing investigation. Whenever it seems that the police are just about to crack the case, it somehow gets complicated again.

  • Director
    Peter Bebjak, Róbert Šveda, Michal Blaško
  • Screenplay
    Valeria Schulczová, Roman Olekšák
  • Director of Photography
    Martin Rau, Erik Eržin
  • Staring
    Tomáš Maštalír
    Ján Koleník
    Jiří Bartoška
    Zuzana Kanócz
    Noël Czuczor
    Táňa Pauhofová
    Juraj Rašla
    Adam Jančina
    Kamila Magálová
    Rebeka Poláková
    Jaroslav Mottl
    Barbora Andrešičová
    Milan Kňažko
  • Year
  • Client
    TV JOJ