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Démoni /Demons/ captures a moment in the lives of three different women - each one in a different life situation and state of mind. All three life fragments take place during Christmas. Each one, her own way, avoids the typicalities of the holidays and submerges herself into her inner world where she has to fight her demons. Love, which should be abundant especially during this season, avoids our heroines. They are engulfed by indecisivness and self-deceit. This throws them into situations and environments, that no one would wish to be in during their own Christmas holidays.

  • Director
    Róbert Šveda
  • Screenplay
    Róbert Šveda
  • Director of Photography
    Peter Kelíšek
    Martin Žiaran
  • Staring
    Eva Kerekes
    Ladislav Hrušovský
    Juliana Johanidesová
    Dagmar Duditšová
    Miroslav Kolbašský
    Beáta Dubielová
    Attila Mokos
    Martin Meľo
  • Length
    105 minutes